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Hearts of the Carolinas is a Christian Fiction series set in the fictional towns of Campbell’s Grove and Sunset, North Carolina, with future stories set in South Carolina as well. Follow these young people and their families through the heartbreaks and sorrows, and joys and triumphs as they journey on the path that God has set for them.

Every story is written to be a blessing to believers by teaching spiritual truths and to lead the lost to a loving Saviour Who died for their sins by presenting the Gospel in its simplicity. We pray that this series will continue to bless readers for years to come.

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Trying to live the Christian Life as a college student can be tough. Sue was an independent, driven college Freshman at Atlantic Coastal University who couldn't wait to leave home and experience life on her own before settling down. Jason was a confident Senior who was ready to begin a promising career in engineering. Brady was a Godly young man from Sue's hometown of Campbell's Grove who finds himself with a scholarship to ACU after his grandmother, who raised him, has died. As their paths intertwine, Sue finds herself facing two roads, but which one leads...HOME?

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"Mandie knew that her mother was right. She was pouting-plain and simple. 'I know, Mom. It was a good show, but you have Dad to share in your blessings and good times. I don't have anybody,' she lamented. Southern Gospel singer, Mandie McCormick, struggled to find a balance with her desire to serve the Lord through music and her desire to marry and have a family. Even though she knew that she was smack dab in the Lord's will, she still felt a void that only a special someone could fill; but how could she ever meet "Mr. Right" on a bus tour? Through emails, texts, and phone calls, Mandie found "Mr. Right"-but she also found her Wheels of Progress only spinning, and not taking her anywhere, thanks to her pesky brother Shane, and Derek, that no-good cowboy behind the wheel of their tour bus. Shane was always seeing 'Wheels' a-turning everywhere-Mandie's Wheels of Inspiration, as she wrote Gospel songs, and her Wheels of Dreams as she studied Wedding Magazines. Shane also saw Derek's Wheels of Love spinning', as he watched him fall hard for Mandie; but would those Wheels of Love ever spin back?

Print: $10, plus tax, shipping and handling

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Justin and Michelle Rhodes had a fairy tale wedding and honeymoon. God was working in their hearts and lives and moved them to Campbell’s Grove, Michelle’s hometown. Almost five years later Michelle finds herself with a three-year-old, a baby on the way, and this time around has not been easy.      

Justin works almost every night, and even though business is booming, it seems to be taking him nowhere fast. Their small rental home seems to be shrinking daily, to Justin’s dismay.    

When Brady hires Jocelyn to help with the uptick in sales, things begin to change in Campbell’s Grove, in more ways than one. Satan seizes the opportunity to sow doubt, and The Rhodes’ once peaceful home becomes a den of discord. Sin’s snare is laid along the path of brokenness, but can the prayers of family and friends open the door for love to come home again?

Print: $10, plus tax, shipping and handling

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