A Time to Love is the newest imprint of Victory Christian Publishing, created exclusively by and for our latest author, Moriah Kelly.

This line features Romantic Retellings of love stories surrounding the Women of God's Word. 

Her first book, At All Costs, is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! SEE BELOW!

What if you were forced to hide your true identity in order to remain free?

Hannah Cleves participates in illegal activity—Christianity.

The year is 2055. America is no longer the home of freedom. Those who worship God are forced to move underground and worship together there. Everything is "normal" until the new year comes around.

A bill passes that forces young adults to be brought to the country's capital for one reason—to find the greatest minds in the land and place them in government jobs of immense importance. Hannah is found between a rock and a hard place as she is caught in the “recruitment requirements.”

For her safety, her father presses her to hide her identity as she is thrust into the world that persecutes her people and hates her Lord.

As Hannah climbs the ranks, a bill is brought to her attention that could lead to disastrous deeds. Hannah questions why God has allowed something like this to happen, placing her in such an endangered position.

But she knows that everything God does is for a reason.

She knows something must be done to stop this evil, even if it costs her life.

In this reimagining of the Book of Esther, there is much for a new heroine to learn about her God and His working ways.

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