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Coming Home ~ Hearts of the Carolinas Book Number Three

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And they lived happily ever after?


Justin and Michelle Rhodes had a fairy tale wedding and honeymoon. God was working in their hearts and lives and moved them to Campbell’s Grove, Michelle’s hometown. Almost five years later Michelle finds herself with a three-year-old, a baby on the way, and this time around has not been easy.

Justin works almost every night, and even though business is booming, it seems to be taking him nowhere fast. Their small rental home seems to be shrinking daily, to Justin’s dismay.

When Brady hires Jocelyn to help with the uptick in sales, things begin to change in Campbell’s Grove, in more ways than one. Satan seizes the opportunity to sow doubt, and The Rhodes’ once peaceful home becomes a den of discord. Sin’s snare is laid along the path of brokenness, but can the prayers of family and friends open the door for love to come home again?

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