Moving On Up!

Welcome to the new face of VCPBooks! I finally had enough of Blogger not working properly and having no HUMAN support, so I broke down and I'm now paying for official website hosting.

I did save some of my blog posts that actually had some "substance." While reading over posts that spanned nine years (2012-2021) I was blessed. I saw what God had done for me over the years. It was like looking at a ViewMaster in my mind, with snapshots of my life. The journey that seems way too long that has taken me "no where." But I know my final destination--Heaven. So, maybe it is all about the journey. I wrote many posts during my time enrolled in Newberry College, American Public University, Southern New Hampshire University, and finally with Liberty University. I truly wish I had started with Liberty University in the beginning. Christian College is worth it. The secular universities are breeding grounds for socialism and communism. It's ridiculous!

Anyway, I've learned to schedule and take time to write and promote VCPBooks, which includes improving the branding. One of my professors at SNHU told me I needed a publicist. Who has time or money for that? So, here I go! We'll just see what God does.

Loving you!


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