Sunday, October 13, 2019

Now That Fall is Here...

It finally feels like fall here in Paxville, South Carolina, but I haven't been able to enjoy much of the weather. I am so glad to have tomorrow off for Columbus Day!
These past nine weeks have been extremely challenging. The Masters Program at Southern New Hampshire University is rigorous! I was able to use Book Three Coming Home progress in my Story and Concept class and I got some great feedback. There are changes--big changes--but they are for the better. I am eager to get my revisions done.
One of my assignments has turned into something of an enigma. I am venturing out into a YA story. I have tailored it for the SNHU's Fall Fiction Contest. The grand prize is a $3K scholarship. I pray this at least places!
One of my professors recommended that I get a publicist to get Hearts of the Carolinas really out there. We'll pray about that.
I am in the process of changing programs. I would like to be in the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program, instead of the Master of Arts in English w/Concentration in Fiction. The MFA program is a terminal degree, which would open more doors for me in the long run. There are also more classes about the publishing industry, and my thesis must be a novel. It sounds like a plan for Book Four, The Free Agent.
However, I must apply for admission to the MFA program. I must write a 200-word personal statement, and submit an 8-12 page sample of my work. I plan on submitting "Beauty and the Beast" from The Collage. I am praying the Lord's will over this and the entire work!
Thank you for your prayers and support! It means so much to me.
~ Amy