Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Power of 2 Words

Yesterday I shared the picture found to your right, inviting my friends to participate in my little Facebook game by adding two words to keep a story going.  I had no idea at the rate of participation that I would receive.  Twenty-six of my friends have participated, and after twenty hours, the story is STILL GOING‼‼
While riding with my husband, and adding two words to the story, he shakes his head and says, “Y’all have nothing better to do!  That is such a waste of time.  I immediately reminded him that it was not.  Here are the reasons that I supplied:

1) This brought together friends, some that I rarely get to talk to,
2) This gave people something to belong to,
3) This was something creative, that gets your brain’s juices flowing, and finally
4) This was something that made us laugh!

So many people are hurting in this world.  They are tired, in pain, lonely, and/or depressed.  It is good for people to take, even if it is, just a moment to stop and doing something fun.  There are going to plenty of times to be sad, to work hard, and “veg-out!”  It’s okay to let yourself have a good time, as long as it is appropriate, of course!  The Bible says, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones,” (Proverbs 17:22).  It has even been proven that laughing is good for your body!  Hm.  Imagine that—science proving that God’s Word is true—DUH! 

Just for fun, this is where our story is at this very moment:

One day real soon we will go out to see monkey eat funnel cakes and swing from vines until the vine popped making me run to chase monkey away from my bananas (and) another monkey. But then,  gorillas came with AK-47s and pizza until the cows came and mooed at us, startling us, as we wondered why they were all smiling because cows are happy. But don’t look directly into their glass eye(s), you might become zombified and hungry for Beef.  So you start running towards, shaking violently, the hills (where) law enforcement just shakes (and) directs us towards the White House where we got AIDS from Obama.  Now that’s just crazy!  What a horrible day. But still, give up (or) be careful not to trip over brain-dead heifer cows and wolves that eat monkey pizza with extra bolgna because they were mentally retarded tater tots!  So I got ketchup and bread to help Amy Magaw get published very quickly!  Unfortunately, life has made a man seem very, very scary especially when he cuts his hair, (and/or) tree leaves and uses dull shears.  And now dapperdan has made his famous banana cream pie, then left it outside on the car.  While driving, it flew into the—TURN AROUND‼!—crowd of circus spectators who were beside bikers with helmets.  They weren’t (bikers) they were monkeys swinging on banana trees because they are bored.  So then a pigeon landed on a turtle eating barbecue, who didn’t like sauce, but he ate turtles and cookies with milk, (while) swinging sideways with machetes while juggling.  And backwards he jumps over mountains and through walls he said to take care of yourself because it’s almost Thursday and that means the weekend shrimp fest will mighty good!  Oh no!  What’s that”  Wolves!  And instead of charging us they climbed up to the top where they used to go parachuting off…

7-10-2014 @ 8:23 a.m., AND I must mention that while typing up the story, four new posts came in, with two new friends joining the story!
So the moral of this little “story” is to take time to do something fun for yourself.  It doesn’t take long, and it’s even good for you—Jesus said so!

Have a great day, y’all!

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