Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Many Waters...

I've never done this before, but I think that I may begin something new! 
As you know, good reads are hard to find.  Sometimes, just because something is traditionally published doesn't always mean that it's a good read.  And GoodReads website is a valuable resource, but sometimes it helps if someone YOU know has read the book.  So, occasionally I will be posting reviews that I do for fellow independent authors. 
Now, keep in mind, that these books may not be all "grammatically correct".  We "Indies" don't often have hundreds of dollars to pay for professional editing services, BUT it's the content-the story-that we're trying to get out. 
So here is a review for Many Waters, which is by one of my friends and fellow independent author, William Woodall.
He has also written several other books that I have personally read:
Unclouded Day
and the Last Werewolf Hunter Series, which I still haven't read yet,
(I know, shame on me!) 
But, I'm getting around to it!
And without further delay...I present my take on...
Many Waters
by William Woodall

     At first, I thought Many Waters was going to be a straightforward Country-Fried love story; but then I read the second sentence and “evil” was mentioned and I knew this story would be something different.

     I love that this story is told by its two main characters as if they were carrying on a conversation with a friend—not only recounting events, but reflecting on them as well, giving you valuable spiritual insight.

     It has the handsome Christian Cowboy, the kind that makes you want to snuggle up under his Stetson for a while.  And then it has the beautiful, long-lost love interest of his youth, BUT add a long-time family curse and enforcers as evil as home-made sin, and you've got yourself an action-packed, prize-worthy novel.  And to TOP THAT OFF-you'll learn some things, too!

     The story takes you on a journey, encountering some painful situations and some pretty scary happenings!  However, those same “scary happenings” serve as vivid symbols that teach you valuable lessons for your daily life and well as your spiritual life.   You can take away several “Golden Nuggets” to help make your Christian walk a better stroll.

     The story actually left me with some questions about my own life.  If someone was to “taste” my life, what would it be like?  Would they spit it out, or would they want more?  What am I seasoning my life with—Hatred, Bitterness, Un-forgiveness, Love, Peace, Joy, Compassion?  Are these things that someone would want to eat?  TRANSLATION:  Am I displaying enough of Christ in my life that others would see a difference?  Would my life create a hunger and a thirst in someone else for Jesus’ Salvation, which IS the difference?

     I know you will enjoy this book—I did!  And Lord willing, it will be a help to you too!

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