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The Next Big Thing!

Woo Hoo! 
It's my day on "The Next Big Thing" Blog Tour! 

Today, I will be telling you about my current "Work In Progress" or WIP.  To do this, the Authors participating in the tour have developed sort of an interview questionnaire, so here's the skinny!
My Next Big Thing

"Coming Home"
(Cover is still under construction)

Where did the idea come from? 
This book is a direct sequel to "Home", Book #1 in my "Breaking Dawn Book Series: Stories for Children of the Light"

Christian Romance

What actors would play your character in a movie version?
I would definitely cast Tom Welling (Charlie Baker from Cheaper By The Dozen/ Clark Kent from Smallville) as Brady Sheffield, even though his eyes are blue, and Brady's are brown-that is just an unfortunate fact. I envisioned him as I was writing Book #1-OH MY!  Another possible player for this role would be Chris Pine (Star Trek, Just My Luck, and The Princess Diaries: The Royal Engagement) or the new "Amazing Spiderman", Andrew Garfield.

The character of Sue Haybert Sheffield would be played by Mandy Moore or another actress with the same long, flowing brown hair and blue eyes. I'm leaning towards But definitely NOT Megan Fox-not a fan of hers. 

Sue's best friend, Michelle Brolin would be played by Amanda Bynes!  I think that she is absolutely beautiful and would perform well as the zany but lovable character of our country-fried Michelle!
Blond-haired, blue-eyed, Justin Rhodes would be played by either Josh Lucas  Ryan Gosling, or Chris Hemsworth (Thor).  I don't care what color their eyes are!  I just know that they are nice on our eyes!

Short Synopsis
It has been three years since we left Sue and Brady, and Michelle and Justin, and so much has happened to them, and then again, so much has NOT happened; and yet so much WILL happen! 

The opening scene brings you to a Birthday Party for Michelle and Justin's three-year-old son, Lane.  You "Meet the Parents" here for the first time, and get a pretty good idea as to why our heroes and heroines "Are" the way they "Are!" 

You will also meet Rhonda Creighton, the First Lady of The Lighthouse of Campbell's Grove, who will play a very important role in this edition of the family saga.  We know her husband, Pastor Richard Creighton from Book #1, but her family of five, Alice, Angela, Artie, Adam & Alex, are all new characters in the series will we will hear A LOT MORE OF in future books!

Justin and Michelle will face some very tough times, as will Brady and Sue, but with mixed results!  These young people will be handling things in very different ways.  Some will seek God's guidance, and some will follow their own lusts.  Some will "Pray" while others "Prey"...stay tuned to find out!

How long did it take to write the first draft?
Ha! It’s not done yet! I’ve just started this one.

What other books in the genre compare? The Heartsong Presents line has had several books that compare.  This is a story that will entertain as well as be a help to young married couples.

Any other in this genre? Yes-Book #1, "Home" by Amy Magaw

Who or what inspired this WIP?
I had several people BEG for this book! They just HAD to find out what happened to Brady and Sue!  So, since I always want my books to not only be entertaining but also spiritually beneficial, I considered what I've learned over the years, and also what I'm still learning!

I have attended several Ladies' Conferences over the years, and the speakers there often talk about the issues that will be covered in the storyline of this book.  Some of the problems that young married couples face today will be addressed so that the couples' marriage will be strengthened.  I always try to include much Scripture in my books to guide the reader, and this book will be no exception.

I appreciate your patience with me as I write this book.  My college classes begin again on January 7th, as well as my new teaching position.  It will be difficult to write during this time, but Lord willing, we will strive towards the goal!  I hope to have this ready by June 2013, perhaps to debut at the Annual Ladies' Jubilee at Living Faith Baptist Church in Jefferson, SC, hosted by Sister Rhnae Taylor, wife of Pastor Doug Taylor. 

Well, that's all about "My Next Big Thing"! 

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If you are an author with a Work in Progress, and are interested in joining this blog tour, contact me at

Thanks for stopping in today!  I hope you enjoyed your Hop!  Keep Hoppin'!

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