Friday, December 14, 2012

One Proud Mama!

Today was a busy day for us.  My daughter was in her Junior High School Beauty Pageant tonight.  We left school early to get the necessary primping done, and then made the make-up appointment at Belk.  On the ride home, she said that she felt so beautiful!  I'm so glad that she did.  She did a fabulous job, and was proved to be very beautiful to boot-on the inside as well as the outside.

There were 15 contestants, and then they chose a Top Ten for questioning.  She didn't make the Top Ten, so five girls that were out went back to the dressing room.  Four moms and myself went back to check on our girls.  Four girls were crying-but not my daughter.  The others looked at her, puzzled. 

"Aren't you upset?" the asked her.

"I'm disappointed, but there's always next year!  Hey!  Dry those tears and come take a picture with me!" she answered.

My daughter helped rally those girls out of their tears.  I was more proud of her backstage than I was when she was walking the runway! 

And then there is the matter of her dress: 

She selected a Camouflage Formal Dress.  She loves to hunt and fish with her Daddy, brother and uncles.  She didn't try to be someone that she's not.  There's so much to be learned from that-I know that I need to remember that more! 
We convinced the girls what the Top Ten may have been still standing on that stage, but the Fabulous Five were in the dressing room!  There were other pretty girls sitting in the audience that could have participated, but the FAB FIVE had the guts to actually do it! 
I'm so proud of her and of all of the girls that walked that runway tonight at Manning Junior High School tonight. 
We love you all!

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