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The Next Big Thing!

Woo Hoo! 
It's my day on "The Next Big Thing" Blog Tour! 

Today, I will be telling you about my current "Work In Progress" or WIP.  To do this, the Authors participating in the tour have developed sort of an interview questionnaire, so here's the skinny!
My Next Big Thing

"Coming Home"
(Cover is still under construction)

Where did the idea come from? 
This book is a direct sequel to "Home", Book #1 in my "Breaking Dawn Book Series: Stories for Children of the Light"

Christian Romance

What actors would play your character in a movie version?
I would definitely cast Tom Welling (Charlie Baker from Cheaper By The Dozen/ Clark Kent from Smallville) as Brady Sheffield, even though his eyes are blue, and Brady's are brown-that is just an unfortunate fact. I envisioned him as I was writing Book #1-OH MY!  Another possible player for this role would be Chris Pine (Star Trek, Just My Luck, and The Princess Diaries: The Royal Engagement) or the new "Amazing Spiderman", Andrew Garfield.

The character of Sue Haybert Sheffield would be played by Mandy Moore or another actress with the same long, flowing brown hair and blue eyes. I'm leaning towards But definitely NOT Megan Fox-not a fan of hers. 

Sue's best friend, Michelle Brolin would be played by Amanda Bynes!  I think that she is absolutely beautiful and would perform well as the zany but lovable character of our country-fried Michelle!
Blond-haired, blue-eyed, Justin Rhodes would be played by either Josh Lucas  Ryan Gosling, or Chris Hemsworth (Thor).  I don't care what color their eyes are!  I just know that they are nice on our eyes!

Short Synopsis
It has been three years since we left Sue and Brady, and Michelle and Justin, and so much has happened to them, and then again, so much has NOT happened; and yet so much WILL happen! 

The opening scene brings you to a Birthday Party for Michelle and Justin's three-year-old son, Lane.  You "Meet the Parents" here for the first time, and get a pretty good idea as to why our heroes and heroines "Are" the way they "Are!" 

You will also meet Rhonda Creighton, the First Lady of The Lighthouse of Campbell's Grove, who will play a very important role in this edition of the family saga.  We know her husband, Pastor Richard Creighton from Book #1, but her family of five, Alice, Angela, Artie, Adam & Alex, are all new characters in the series will we will hear A LOT MORE OF in future books!

Justin and Michelle will face some very tough times, as will Brady and Sue, but with mixed results!  These young people will be handling things in very different ways.  Some will seek God's guidance, and some will follow their own lusts.  Some will "Pray" while others "Prey"...stay tuned to find out!

How long did it take to write the first draft?
Ha! It’s not done yet! I’ve just started this one.

What other books in the genre compare? The Heartsong Presents line has had several books that compare.  This is a story that will entertain as well as be a help to young married couples.

Any other in this genre? Yes-Book #1, "Home" by Amy Magaw

Who or what inspired this WIP?
I had several people BEG for this book! They just HAD to find out what happened to Brady and Sue!  So, since I always want my books to not only be entertaining but also spiritually beneficial, I considered what I've learned over the years, and also what I'm still learning!

I have attended several Ladies' Conferences over the years, and the speakers there often talk about the issues that will be covered in the storyline of this book.  Some of the problems that young married couples face today will be addressed so that the couples' marriage will be strengthened.  I always try to include much Scripture in my books to guide the reader, and this book will be no exception.

I appreciate your patience with me as I write this book.  My college classes begin again on January 7th, as well as my new teaching position.  It will be difficult to write during this time, but Lord willing, we will strive towards the goal!  I hope to have this ready by June 2013, perhaps to debut at the Annual Ladies' Jubilee at Living Faith Baptist Church in Jefferson, SC, hosted by Sister Rhnae Taylor, wife of Pastor Doug Taylor. 

Well, that's all about "My Next Big Thing"! 

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If you are an author with a Work in Progress, and are interested in joining this blog tour, contact me at

Thanks for stopping in today!  I hope you enjoyed your Hop!  Keep Hoppin'!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

At the Hop!

 First of all, Happy Birthday to

Wyatt Levi Pope! 
Congratulations to my good friends Jason and Tasha Pope on the birth of their second son yesterday!  Wyatt was 9 lbs and 9 oz! Praise the Lord both baby and mother are doing well!

~A Sneak Peek~

I am pleased to announce that I will be participating in another Blog Hop.  This tour is a little different than our last one.  The theme of the blog tour is "THE NEXT BIG THING", in which we will be looking at blog's of author's who have a new book coming out.  There is a special Q & A sheet which will be answered by each participating author, and I will have my answers posted for you, Lord Willing, nextg Wednesday, December 26th.  Yes, I know that this is the day after Christmas, but, this will be a golden opportunity to get the skinny on my current work in progress, Coming Home, the sequel to Book #1 of the Breaking Dawn Book Series: Stories for Children of the Light, Home.  I would like to extend a special 'Thank You' to Author Brad Francis for inviting me to participate in this Blog Hoppin' Tour!  It's Brad's Day today, and you can check out his blog by using the link on his name.  So, don't forget to put me on your list of stops for the day after Christmas!  Of course, do get up early and hit Wal-Mart and K-Mart for all of their after-Christmas Clearance Items.  I know I'll be there!  But, then when you've come home with all of your "treasures" for the new year, don't forget to sit down with a hot cup of Joe, and tune it!  You don't wanna miss a thing!
~Frosty Freebies~
Speaking of awesome deals, I have a treat for you!  Here is a list of 20 Free eBooks, just in time for the Christmas Season!  I've you've purchased an eReader for yourself or a loved one, now is the time to stock it full of books...
FOR FREE $$$$!!!!!
I've not read each and every book, but they are from Christian Authors.  I've scanned the list, it is looks like there's a little something here for everyone: from Historical Romance to Guitar Instruction!
Here's the List:
FREE Downloads
~Note date each book is Free – dates vary~
ALSO: Please notice that some of these books have coupon codes that you must use during checkout to get them for free!
MAID FOR MURDER: Deadly Business
FREE Dec. 24 – 25
Genre: humorous inspirational mystery
Author: Susette Williams
Bailey inherits her grandfather’s business, Maid For You, but cleaning up dead body parts wasn’t part of the job description. Bailey hopes to wipe out crime with the help of Nate, her computer hacker assistant, despite protests of their involvement in the case from Detective Max Wellington.
When Bailey catches the culprits arranging to dispose of another body, she's out to help the two of them dig their own grave and if she’s lucky, Detective Max Wellington will keep them from arranging her funeral.
Maid for Murder is a trilogy that begins with Deadly Business. The story continues throughout the trilogy as Bailey uncovers deception, corruption and a few secrets that may forever change her life. As the threads of deceit unravel, the murders begin to break out like a case of Bubonic Plague.
Bailey is a Christian, struggling to keep on the path she knows is right, fighting the temptation of the hunky Detective Max Wellington who would like nothing more than to take her into protective custody, for more than just interfering in police business.

FREE Dec. 21 – 22 & Dec. 24 – 25
Genre: inspirational romance
Author: Susette Williams
Abbey Martin isn’t willing to be the kind of ‘player’ her boss wants her to be. When he threatens to not promote her because she refuses to get in ‘compromising’ positions, she quits.
If a day can go from bad to worse, it does for Abbey. She runs into Bruce Harrington on her way home—literally.
Bruce Harrington was on his way to a very important meeting. That was until a raving lunatic with brown, bouncy hair spiraled towards him in her car and then on foot. Maybe he should count it a blessing that when she sent him cascading over the side of the embankment—he wasn’t in his car.
To make amends for causing Bruce to break a leg, Abbey becomes his chauffeur and helpmate until he recovers.
When his cast is about to come off he has to face losing Abbey. There has to be some way he can keep her from walking out of his life forever. If a job offer won’t do it then perhaps it’s time for a proposal.
FREE Dec. 21 – 25
Genre: inspirational romance
Author: Susette Williams
Katie Morgan has her future planned. It doesn't include becoming serious about anyone before she achieves her goals, not even her handsome boss. Just because she does not have time to date, doesn't mean her boss shouldn't. Her new make her boss happy, whether or not he wants to be.
Wade McAlester fell in love with Katie the first day she walked into his clinic looking for a job. He hired her, content to settle for friendship until she lives out her dream of becoming a vet. Against his better judgment, Wade allows her to fix him up with a couple of her friends. The dates are disastrous. He can't believe the kind of women Katie seems to think he'd enjoy spending his life with. However, when Wade's old colleague, Dr. Laura Redmond shows up, Katie is rethinking how happy she wants her boss to be, and with whom. Definitely not the gorgeous doctor.
FREE Dec. 21 – 25
Genre: Middle Grade/Junior High fiction
Author: Susette Williams
On My Own is the second book in the Life With Stef series. In book 1, The 'In' Crowd, Stef learned about forgiveness and friendship.
In book 2, On My Own, Stef realizes that being alone for the first time can be scary. When Stephanie's parents trust her to be on her own and even baby-sit for her brother and sister, there's more than shadows spooking her and what about the mysterious phone calls and the man outside?
Stephanie finds out that being On My Own isn't that easy.
FREE Dec. 21 – 25
****Don't let the title mislead you!  I've heard A LOT of great things about this book!  I can't wait to read it myself!! -AMY
Genre: fiction
Author: Cynthia P. Willow
Monika Hell seemed to have it all. She was gorgeous, owned a nice condo, an expensive car, an endless wardrobe, and had a great job as a store manager in the mall. But, she was mean, miserable, and worst of all, hated Christmas. Kidnapped from the mall parking lot on Christmas Eve, her life is turned upside down. Now, on Christmas morning, she finds herself in a freezing alley with nothing but the tattered clothes on her back. With no identification, no money, and no one willing to help, Monika is forced to start all over. Could losing everything she'd worked for all her life lead her to find what's been missing all along?
FREE Dec. 21 – 25
Genre: young adult Christian fantasy  (Other formats)
Author: William Woodall
Zach Trewick has a hard choice to make. His family expects him to become a werewolf on the night of the next full moon, whether he likes it or not, and he's got only three days left before time runs out. Scrambling to find a way to stay human, Zach quickly makes a bold plan to run away from home and find his uncle Justin nearly a thousand miles away in Texas, the only person he can think of who might take him in. Stowing away in a septic tank, sleeping in a library, and living in a dog house on a vacant lot are among the adventures he encounters along the way. But the werewolves have no intention of letting him escape so easily. For although he doesn't know it yet, Zach is the Curse-Breaker, the long-foretold boy who can crush the wolf curse forever, and his family will stop at nothing to prevent that.
Nominated for the 2010 Texas Lone Star Reading List for excellence in young adult literature and scoring 4.3 stars from 39 reviews on Amazon, Cry for the Moon is the first book in the Last Werewolf Hunter series. The series is suitable for middle-graders and up, since it contains only mild violence and little to no gore. It has more to do with Zach's ultimate choice to become the last werewolf hunter in the world, and to break the Curse forever.
FREE Dec. 21 – 25
Genre: young adult Christian fantasy  Coupon Code: QU39K
Author: William Woodall
 Brian Stone's life isn't easy. Abandoned by his father, abused by his alcoholic mother, and mocked by his classmates, his only treasures are his beloved little brother and his old guitar. Then Brian finds a magical amulet in his attic, and things begin to change. Soon he has more power and wealth than he's ever dreamed of, and for a while all seems to be well. But Brian has made a terrible mistake which may cost him everything, and his only hope is to seek out the Fountain at the Heart of the World, wherever that may be. And if he fails, then it will mean the death of every person he loves, and maybe even his own. This book is a tale about the glory of God's love; the life-giving Life, and the Beauty that makes beautiful.
****I have personally read this book, and it is an awesome read!  I plan on posting a formal review of it on this blog in the very near future!  Love it!
FREE Dec. 21 – 25
Genre: young adult sci-fi  Coupon Code:  AL44G
Author: William Woodall
In the year 2154, sixteen year old Tycho McGrath is an advanced genetics student at the prestigious John Brooke Academy in Tampa. Life seems fairly dull, until he accidentally discovers that in less than a week, a recently designed bacterium known as the Orion Strain will almost certainly wipe out every human being on earth. Tycho and his friends quickly form a desperate plan to steal an experimental spacecraft and flee to the partially-terraformed Moon, hoping to ride out the plague until it's safe to come home. But the survivors of Earth soon discover that the Moon has its own dangers. Horrific storms, radiation poisoning, and mutant insects all lie in wait, and worst of all, they must soon face the betrayal of one of their own. Will Tycho and the others find their way back to Earth, or will they be trapped forever on the dying Moon?
YCENTIA: Harrak’s Scrolls
FREE Dec. 21 & 22
Genre: historical fantasy
Author: Dave King
Patrik, the recalcitrant innkeeper and Galena, his younger daughter, load up the wagon, lock up The Lonely Fox Inn and head east for Lycentia. The goal? To hand-deliver Harrak's scrolls, the ones Patrik discovered in a musty cave, to Oliver III, the Netherene High Priest. The problem? The scrolls are not what Patrik thinks they are! But how, if at all, can Patrik discover the truth before it's too late? Lycentia: Harrak's Scrolls - book two of The Land of Betrovia trilogy
The 15th Star
FREE Dec. 21 – 23
Genre: historical adventure
Author: Lisa Grace
Set during the War of 1812:
In the fall of 1809 Grace Wisher, a young slave girl, escapes the plantation to live her life in the port city of Baltimore, Maryland. She is indentured to Mary Pickersgill who teaches her the skill of sewing flags and standards. Yet Grace is hiding a terrible secret, one men will murder for even hundreds of years later.
In the present, Keiko Zorben is finishing her master's degree by working as an intern at the Smithsonian Institute. While archiving mislabeled letters, she finds a clue to the whereabouts of the missing star from the Star Spangled Banner. For over two hundred years its location has been a real-life mystery, until now.
Keiko asks the handsome Dr. Julian Lone Wolf, the head of the American Indian Studies Department, to join her on her search for the missing star.
When a docent is murdered and an attempt is made on their lives, Keiko and Julian realize finding the missing star and the secret it holds, is their only key to survival.
"The 15th Star" has been compared by first readers as a mix of "National Treasure" meets "1776".
Nadia's Hope
FREE Dec. 24 & 25
Genre: Women's Fiction, Inspirational romance
Author: Lisa Buffaloe
The nightmares continue.
Memories won’t heal.
Nadia must make a choice.
Nadia Minsky fled Israel to escape her past, but she can’t outrun her nightmares. The throbbing scars along her hip and stomach are cruel reminders of shattered dreams. Even though surgeons mended her body, her spirit still bleeds. Friends claim only God can heal her. For Nadia, trusting a God who allowed her to suffer is inconceivable.
Can close friends, a wild roommate, and a handsome medical student help Nadia learn to trust? Or will her past forever cripple her future?
Nadia’s Hope Awards
2010 Women of Faith Writing Contest Finalist
Runner-up for Women’s Fiction, 2010 (ACFW)
American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis Contest
Grace for the Char-Baked
FREE Dec. 21 - 23
Genre: Christian Romance
Author: Lisa Buffaloe
A light-hearted novella where a self-avowed-worst-cook-ever accepts a challenge to hold a bake sale and cooks up love instead.
With “Char” as a nickname, Charlotte Wilson’s cooking skills are more incendiary than culinary. Charlotte is the last person on earth who should run a bake sale. But when her plans of running in a charity marathon are side-lined by a broken foot, her old flame’s suggestion becomes a challenge midst her friend’s simmering doubts.
Luke Hammond has spent the last five years studying and preparing to travel overseas as a medical missionary. When his high school sweetheart unexpectedly comes back in his life, Luke wrestles with what he feels God calling him to be and what he wants to do. His reappearance rekindles an attraction that could char Luke and Charlotte’s heart or cook up the perfect romance.
FREE Dec. 21 – 25
Genre: Christian Futuristic  Coupon Code: EU28Q
Author: Cliff Ball
Told in first person point of view by Brian Atwood, who is our main character and works for the FBI. His work involves potential cases of terrorism. Recruited to become personal bodyguard for the President. His faith as a Christian is tested daily working for the President. We follow Brian as the U.S. slowly disintegrates around hm.
Guitar String Logic
FREE Dec. 24 & 25
Genre: Music Theory and Guitar Instructional Book
Author: Skysun Stambaugh
A beginner’s guide to the guitar from the music shop to writing solid songs with fundamental music theory principles. Includes text, diagrams, explanations, examples, and tips.
FREE Dec. 21 – 25
Genre: Christian nonfiction  Coupon Code: HB95F
Author: Shelley Hitz
“This book has Biblical answers to the ‘Why?’ we are hearing so much today after the shooting tragedy in Connecticut. Thank you, Shelley, for the timeliness and wisdom.”
FREE Dec. 21 & 22
Genre: Historical Romance  Coupon Code: TH56W
Author: Mary Campagna Findley
“Wounded war hero” Hamilton Jessup married celebrity singer Maeve Collinswood without realizing her marriage of convenience proposal would plunge him into a personal and patriotic crisis. Texas faced war with Mexico. A mysterious “Endgame Scenario” set Ham to puzzling Texas’ future. Maeve drew him into a passionate alliance, a deadly confrontation, and a reliance on God he had never imagined.
FREE Dec. 21 & 22
Genre: Nonfiction Contemporary Issues and Scientific History  Coupon Code: EY42F
Author: Mary Campagna Findley
The Bible is a Book of Science Secular Humanism is a Religion of Mythology Antidisestablishmentarianism. As the title of a book it is a little cumbersome, a little intimidating, except that it’s absolutely essential to the discussion of Secular Humanism as America’s Established religion and how we can disestablish it.
FREE Dec. 21 & 22
Genre: Science Fiction  Coupon Code: LX33P
Author: Mary Campagna Findley
The surface of Mars is swept by violent storms but the Nehemiah Group lives almost idyllically beneath the surface in “Glop-dropped” parks and sandblasted living quarters. Life support has failed on the balloon ship Sojourner. Joan, bioneural specialist and Anthony Lewis, an engineer and something more, must tread a fine political and diplomatic line to meet the launch window.
FREE Dec. 21 – 25
Genre: young adult fiction
Author: Paul Swearingen
A black teenager is forced to move to a small town but realizes that with the help of new friends he may be able to leave the bad influences behind and concentrate on football. But part of his past catches up with him. Then temptation, in the forms of a potential burglary and a till-tapping opportunity, presents itself – and he knows he has tough choices to make.
FREE Dec. 21 – 25
Genre: romance/Biblical fiction Coupon Code: CG74G
Author: Sherry Chamblee
Her secret could doom the world. His honesty could save it.
Jaiyl grew up alone and afraid, feeling the emotions of everyone around her as if they were her own. Being part of a nomadic tribe meant she came in contact with many different people, but was connected to none of them, until she met a family that was different; people who knew God in a way she had never thought possible.
She must come to trust God, or doom the world.
Van knew there was an entire world out there beyond his mountains, but he could never quite bring himself to get up and go see it. Then someone from out there came to him. He gets thrown into a fight he didn’t start, with powerful people who don’t want to be found. He has to figure out what really conquers all, before it’s too late.
Jaiyl is all secrets and fear, Van has nothing to hide, nothing to fear. Together they must fight for the freedom of those they love.
Thanks for stopping by and have a very
Merry Christmas!

Love, Amy